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Issue 3 - August 1991

Gregory Joughin may stand for "Keys"

Gregory Joughin, from Peel (Purt ny h'Inshey), is considering standing as a candidate for the constituency of Glenfaba at the forthcoming election. Before he officially declares, however, he is conducting a feasibility study that takes the form of a questionnaire.

It is divided into two parts, one covering issues of concern to the entire Island, and a second part that applies more specifically to Glenfaba. The questions are answered by simply ticking a box, but there is space for more detailed comment if desired.

Although Gregory is not a member of Mec Vannin, as an established nationalist we offer him our support in this venture. Anyone who lives in the Glenfaba constituency and would like to take part in the study should contact Gregory or a Mec Vannin member.

Press publicise Yn Pabyr Seyr.

The last fortnight of July saw of existence of Yn Pabyr Seyr and coverage of our A.G.M. in the rest of the Manx press.

The three established newspapers (Independent, Examiner and Courier) all carried stories and gave some extracts from the first two issues. It was interesting to note that what extracts were given, were basically "tit-bits" with no reference to the main articles carried in the papers. Also enjoying extensive coverage was our A.G.M. which we ourselves cover in the back of this issue, giving explanations of the resolutions passed.

The fact that all of our Issues 1 have been distributed, with more still in demand is extremely encouraging and the general response has been extremely favourable.

This issue sees a subtle change in type-face, which seemed to be one of the major criticisms, and we hope that this makes the paper more legible. The request for material from members has met with a positive response and we hope involvement in the paper will continue to grow. Another criticism, now rectified, was the lack of any Mec Vannin membership details or a name to contact for information. This was due to the impending A.G.M. and a foreseen change in officials.

Manx Language Officer Chosen - Yet another Mec Vannin idea adopted by the Government.

Of course, we can't claim sole responsibility far this major breakthrough in the re-establishment of our rightful tongue, but the need for a Language Officer was identified and stated by Mec Vannin some time ago.

Double Standards

Inevitably, we must make comment an the B.C.C.I. collapse. The fact that the Bank of England was caught unawares provides a convenient smoke-screen for our own Financial Supervision Commission.

Four years ago, laws were passed in the Island that were supposed to put the Island at the forefront of the international fight against drugs. Far reaching powers were given to the newly created Drug Squad and the penalties for drugs dealing could mean life imprisonment and confiscation of all possessions and assets of the offender that could be deemed to result of drugs dealings.

When a T.V. documentary team questioned the then Treasury Minister David Cannan over evidence they had uncovered of drugs profit laundering in the island, he stated that his department had seen no evidence to suggest any misuse of our finance industry and, as far as we know, no action was taken against the named offenders.

Another T.V. documentary a couple of years later resulted in the following press release from the Celtic League, dated 18th January 1989:

Tuesday evening's "Bandung File" on Channel Four made it perfectly clear what many people know in their hearts to be true - that International Banking and laundering of illegal drugs money are inextricably linked. Global banking networks and global drugs organisations are inter-dependent.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which has banking operations world-wide, including the Isle of Man, has had nine of its officials indicted in the U.S.A. for laundering of illegal drugs money and a trial is to be conducted later this year.

The programme exposed the sophisticated methods used by international banking organisations for cleaning up profits from drug traffickers, using off shore centres far greater anonymity and tax havens for greater profit.

International banking relies utterly on maintaining confidence, so they protect each other. Governments connive, either because they won't or haven't the resources to prevent it.

What it boils down to is this: Are governments willing to relieve the sum of human misery by stopping it or do they believe the profit motive to be paramount? - a rhetorical question.

The real question is, do we want to live off other people's misery?

The above press release given general release and was also carried in the Spring '89 issue of Carn.

Since its inception, the local drug squad has vociferously pursued its objectives to the point where people have, on several occasions, been violently assaulted in public places on suspicion of possessing small quantities of drugs. The far reaching powers that were supposed to, "put us at the forefront of the fight against drugs" have never been used to date.

Citizens are assaulted: Launderers are given Banking Licences.

Is that, double standards or what?

A Manks colony in an English island - member's letter.

It is time to close the door and say "Enough is enough; for that is what has became of us. We have to call a halt now.

A former member of the House of Keys said, in 1974, "We can no longer be regarded as a Manks Nation, but as an English off-shore island."

It is idiotic to say that an increase in population will bring benefits for all of us - only developers. We have become an island of houses and cars. The cheque book invasion continues in spite of recession, with even tholtans* under threat from the speculators.

The lack of consideration for those with genuine concern for this island and our quality of life is reflected in the deterioration of our roads with the enormous increase in traffic. We. have no population control whatsoever and shortly Mannin will be no more Manks than the Isle of Wight.

Jersey's President of Planning visited our shores a few short years ago and issued a clear warning: "I think you should quickly have laws and planning to keep this jewel in your crown - look closely at immigration."

Of course the finance sector is now our major earner. The chronic neglect of our traditional industries has diminished their value and brought complete reliance on the Finance sector. This is a cause far real concern. I challenge the Government on population control. It is election year and we must speak out. Write to your newspaper and tell your prospective M.H.K.s of your concern for the loss o£ our tradition and culture. We have been bought up and bought out. Act now before it really is too late.


28th A.G.M. report

The 28th A.G.M. of Mec Vannin took place on Wednesday 31st July at Transport House. The meeting was well attended and an innovative step taken by sitting committee members was to vacate their positions prior to the meeting so that there was no pressure to automatically re-elect. Consequently, the meeting was chaired by Bernard Moffat with Illiam Costain as Acting Secretary.

The opening statement by Mr Moffat has been reproduced in full in the Isle of Man Courier, dated 2nd August, and so we will not reproduce it here.

After the opening statement, the meeting voted to adopt the minutes of the previous year, and went on to the chairman's report for the previous year's activities:

August 1994 saw a demonstration against the Associated Trust Company for South African sanction "busting". This was attended by both members and non-members.

A ceilidh was organised which raised over three hundred pounds towards a memorial to Archibald Cregeen, whose dictionary has undoubtedly helped to save the Manx language, Yn Ghaelg, from extinction.

The annual Illiam Dhone ceremony in January, organised in conjunction with the Celtic League, saw over one hundred participants in spite of the winter conditions.

As the threat of war in the Middle East loomed, the local Finance Sector and government gloated over the influx of money from the area. On the crest of a wave of schoolboy jingoism, Tynwald voted its support of war in the Gulf, whilst conveniently forgetting to apply sanctions against Iraq. We drew attention to this via a letter Mec Vannin had sent to Miles Walker over sanction breaking the previous August. His reply at that time was that companies were aware of "their legal obligations" - just like the B.C.C.I. and the S.I.B. were.

This time we didn't get a reply, but the government took action after the war started.

Tynwald Day could be deemed to be a success, with much material being given out and a substantial amount of money taken from sales and donations.

In a closing statement Mr. Clague highlighted his concern at the development of certain right-wing nationalist organisations and posed the question "Is rule from Westminster preferable to Right-Wing Totalitarian Evangelical nationalism?" Surely, without a bill of rights and freedoms intrinsically embedded within our constitution, it is.

The Treasurer's report revealed a healthier financial position than last year, in spite o£ production costs of Yn Pabyr Seyr. This was due largely to the success of Tynwald day.

Committee members were then elected as follows:

Chairman - Bernard Moffat - unopposed
Secretary - Illiam Costain - unopposed
Publicity Officer - Mark Kermode - unopposed
Treasurer - Cristl Jerry - unopposed.

The meeting went on to resolutions as follows:

1 a} To urge the I.O.M. Government to respect all international obligations entered into via our existing relationship with the U.K.

b) We share the view of many that those obligations will lead to a disastrous interference in our internal affairs by the U.K.

2 a) We re-affirm our opposition to the operation of the Sellafield nuclear plant.

b) We condemn the decision to increase the hazards caused by that installation by developing it as the site for the storage of all nuclear waste.

c) We urge the I.O.M. Government to step up its opposition to all activities carried out at the Sellafield site.

3 a} We believe that the integrity of the judiciary and police service is not best served by the involvement of many of its senior figures within sectarian organisations.

b) We condemn the Second Deemster's astonishing statement that membership of one such organisation made him a better judge, as arrant nonsense.

4 a) We deplore the decision of the Manx Government via the new Trade Union Bill to resort to judicial means to regulate industrial relations.

b) We condemn the provision contained in that Bill to deprive some groups of workers of the right to strike.

c) We point to the failure o£ such legislation world-wide to enhance the Industrial Relations scene.

5 a) We urge the Manx Government to introduce as a matter of urgency legislation to end Sexual Discrimination and promote Equal Opportunities for women workers.

b) We deplore the the view of the Chief Minister that this legislation is not required in the I.O.M.

All resolutions were passed.

The meeting went onto any other business, during which it was voted to give support to any bona fide Nationalist candidates at the forthcoming election, both moral and, where possible, material. Most specifically, the name of Gregory Joughin was mentioned and it was agreed to offer him support if he wanted it.

The possibility of our own candidates was discussed, but at the moment there is no-one who feels that they are in a position to stand.

The paper was discussed with it being agreed that for the moment it should retain its existing size and format for production reasons and a further request for any ideas, articles or comments for inclusion was made. This concluded the business part of the meeting, and subscriptions were renewed.

Explanations of Resolutions

We must now explain the resolutions passed, and the reasoning behind them.

Resolution 1 encompasses the current situation over homosexuality. Many people see our stance on this matter as being in direct contradiction to the objectives of a Nationalist organisation, i.e. supporting what many see as "outside interference". The ultimate objective of Mec Vannin, of course, is Sovereign Independence. The only way to achieve this and earn the respect and co-operation of other nations is to respect our international obligations. Any country that enters into binding agreement, be it indirectly or not, and then blindly refuses to comply with conditions that it subsequently finds not to its liking, will never take its seat in the international arena.

By forcing the hand of the United Kingdom in this matter, our Government undermines its own integrity and, by association, that of the Manx Nation in the view of Europe and the World. Direct legislation by the U.K. will set a dangerous precedent that could prompt further legislation to be imposed on us by any subsequent U.K. government that is hostile towards our independence. The important psychological notion of Tynwald as a national, rather than provincial government, will also be eroded.

Resolution 2 needs little explanation. The U.K. itself is guilty of total disregard for its international obligation in the protection of the environment. The history of this plant, whether you choose to call it Windscale, Sellafield or whatever, is one of accidents and cover-ups. Previous Manx Governments have aided and abetted B.N.F.L. in misleading the public in these matters.

Resolution 3 is the one that the press seized upon to cover most closely and distort for sensationalist value. It is not an attack on Freemasonry in particular, nor on the practice of Freemasonry, nor on Freemasons themselves. We respect the rights of Freemasons and others to practice their crafts and rituals whenever they do not infringe upon the rights of others.

We do feel, however, that the mistrust and uncertainty of many members of the public in the aims and objectives of these organisations, given their failure to reveal them, can only serve to undermine the confidence in such people to act without bias when in public office. If the public lack faith in the people who operate a system of justice, then that system becomes a victim in itself.

We reiterate that there is no such conflict where elected politicians are concerned, since they are directly answerable to the electorate. David Collister put it to Bernard Moffat in a Manx Radio interview that similar conflicts of interest could arise where members of organisations such as our own were concerned. We would have thought that membership of our own or any other political organisation would automatically preclude a person from membership of the police or judiciary, thus underlining our original argument.

As far the Second Deemster's statement concerning his membership of Freemasonry and his abilities to judge, since the Freemasons refuse to disclose their rituals and the purpose of them, this statement cannot be qualified.

The final resolutions, concerning Trade Union and Employment Legislation, is based on our opposition to the infringement of the statutory rights of certain groups of workers and discrimination.

Rights March cancelled

The Ellan Vannin Gay Group have written to Mec Vannin to tell us all that the planned Human Rights march in November has been cancelled. This is due to the difficulty in meeting the stipulations made by Douglas Corporation.


Due to heavy demand, a number of Chief Minister and Treasury Minister "look alikes" are required to attend finance sector functions on a regular basis. An inability to understand financial matters would be advantageous.

Please apply to Government Offices.

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