Advocating Republican Independence for the Isle of Man since 1962

About Mec Vannin - The Manx Nationalist Party

Mec Vannin was formed in 1962 and has held minuted meetings since February 1964. The party has fielded several candidtaes since then for both local and national election, with several successes. Others have used Mec Vannin to establish a "track record" before launching themselves into an unaligned career. None of the former members who have been elected espouse any form of nationalist or republican politics.

Since a split in the late 1970s, the party has become constitutionally republican. The splinter group had vanished by 1981. As the party's republican stance has become firmer, members have refused to stand for a body that requires an oath of allegience to be sworn to a foreign monarch.

Several bodies have tried to claim that, as such Mec Vannin is not a political party. This is not true. The party has a constitution, elected officials and published policies. It also has principles.

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