Advocating Republican Independence for the Isle of Man since 1962

Mec Vannin - The Manx Nationalist Party

Illiam Dhone Commemoration 2022 (2)

Mec Vannin has been campaigning for the Isle of Man's independence from the United Kingdom since 1962

Although such Mec Vannin policies as have been adopted by governments in the Isle of Man have proven successful, the administrations continue to be quite obviously the hand-maidens of wealthy tax-avoiders, both individual and corporate. The policies that attract these entities to the Island have overwhelmingly been to the detriment of the Manx people who have been subject to marginalisation, minoritisation and discrimination.

Mec Vannin's central objectives are:.

To achieve national independence for Mann as a sovereign state, based on a republican form of government. To further and safeguard the interests of Mann. To protect the individual and collective rights of its people.

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